Acetium Lozenge

Acetium is the nicotine-free lozenge to help you quit smoking properly. Acetium is a completely new scientific innovation that works effectively to help you decrease smoking step-by-step.

Free from the side effects of existing smoking cessation products such as nicotine dependency or possible adverse effects of medication, Acetium offers a long-term, effective way to give up smoking completely and end your nicotine dependence.

Dissolving one lozenge in your mouth with each cigarette smoked  gradually reduces your desire to smoke, helping break the addiction cycle for good.

There's a change in the air.


Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine what it means to quit smoking properly, addressing the entire addiction cycle by breaking the pleasure of the
smoking habit and reducing nicotine dependence.

We want to achieve this by offering a long-term, effective way to give up smoking completely and end your nicotine dependence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people live better. Nicotine is a toxic and addictive chemical. Due to its characteristics, whether derived from tobacco or nicotine replacement products, nicotine dependence can continue long after you have stopped smoking.

Our vision is not only to help people quit smoking, but to eliminate nicotine dependence too by offering freedom from your smoking habit and putting you back in control of living a better, healthier and longer life.

Quit smoking without nicotine

Acetium lozenges contain L-cysteine, which is a natural amino acid that is found in the diet. L-cysteine effectively binds acetaldehyde from saliva and forms a harmless compound.


L-cysteine in Acetium releases slowly in the mouth to remove over 90 percent of the acetaldehyde dissolved into saliva during smoking.

By choosing Acetium Lozenge to help you quit smoking you are choosing a Nicotine-free option. Acetium does not contain nicotine and therefore tackles your nicotine dependence head on.


The recommended dosage is 1 or 2 lozenges during smoking.

*Acetium lozenges do not reduce other adverse effects of smoking, nor do they remove carcinogens other than acetaldehyde. Stopping smoking is recommended due to all its adverse effects.

How effective is Acetium?


Clinical trials have shown that regular use of the Acetium lozenge during smoking increases the likelihood of quitting (1, 2).

Acetium lozenges contain L-cysteine, a natural amino acid that efficiently binds acetaldehyde dissolved in saliva from cigarette smoke and converts it into a harmless compound (3).

Acetium lozenges contain no harmful ingredients. In addition to L-cysteine, the lozenges contain a small amount of xylitol to reduce the production of acetaldehyde by bacteria in the mouth and improve oral hygiene.​

What is acetaldehyde?


Acetaldehyde is a carcinogen (3) and one of the harmful substances in tobacco smoke. Normal saliva does not contain acetaldehyde (4).


The Acetium lozenge removes up to 90% of smoke-derived acetaldehyde in saliva.

​Innovation from Finland


Developed and manufactured in Finland, the Acetium lozenge is free from the side effects of conventional smoking cessation methods, such as nicotine dependency or possible adverse effects of medication.

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