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Make your 'New Normal' Smoke- and Nicotine-free

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Now that the news around Covid-19 is all about the easing of restrictions, you will have heard a lot of talk about the ‘new normal’. As we all come to terms with what this might mean for our lifestyles in the future, it is also a great opportunity for us to invent our own ‘new normal’. What will yours look like? Could your ‘new normal’ be a healthier, smoke-free and nicotine-free life?

Acetium can help you become smoke-free and nicotine-free

Attention has recently been highly focussed on respiratory health, and several news reports have told us about the millions quitting smoking in an attempt to avoid catching coronavirus, and/or increase their chances of a swift and full recovery if they did get infected. If you want to join those millions in quitting, but are struggling or have tried and failed to give up before, why not consider Acetium to help you in your journey to quit smoking for good?

‘The healthiest alternative among smoking intervention products’

Acetium has been described by one of our successful ex-smoking customers as not only ‘an awesome product’ but ‘definitely the healthiest alternative among smoking intervention products’*. The reason Acetium is such a healthy quitting aid is that it tackles one of the biggest challenges that people face when giving up smoking – the ongoing dependency on nicotine. Many other quitting aids claim to wean you off smoking, but actually maintain nicotine dependency by substituting the nicotine from cigarettes for nicotine in another form, be it gum, patches etc. This may not seem like a big deal, however nicotine – although by no means the only bad thing about smoking – is really not a great substance to be taking into your body in any form if you don’t have to. Nicotine is quickly absorbed into the body, but its effects are short-lived and therefore users must constantly have a fresh supply to maintain high nicotine concentrations in their blood – hence it is highly addictive. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that increases heart rate, blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries. It may also contribute to the hardening of the arterial walls, which may in turn lead to a heart attack. Nicotine can be especially harmful in women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, and also anyone who is preparing for an operation.

Acetium is nicotine-free

So how does Acetium wean you off cigarettes and nicotine too?

Acetium is an innovative product in that it doesn’t contain nicotine, unlike many other smoking cessation aids. Acetium lozenges are taken every time you smoke a cigarette, and they release an amino acid into your saliva, which binds and deactivates a compound called acetaldehyde that is released from the cigarette smoke. Acetaldehyde - in addition to being one of the major carcinogens in tobacco smoke - has been shown to increase the addictive effect of nicotine. Acetium reduces acetaldehyde levels in the saliva by 90%, therefore helping to decrease nicotine’s addictive effect significantly. The taste and overall perception of smoking are also altered when using Acetium, and studies have shown that if the lozenges are used every time a cigarette is smoked, then over 3 – 6 months smokers can find that they no longer feel like they need a cigarette anymore**, and there is no need for nicotine replacement as both the nicotine and smoking addictions have been tackled head on.

Adapting your ‘new normal’ routine

As there have been so many changes for all of us over the past few months, it is comforting to know that with Acetium stopping smoking doesn’t mean turning your normal routine on its head from day one. Simply take a lozenge every time you smoke a cigarette and relax in the knowledge that, not only are your acetaldehyde levels immediately dramatically decreased, but over time you will begin to feel less and less inclined to smoke until one day you feel like you don’t need it at all. Of course, once you have quit you will then be able to look forward to not only a healthier future, but also one in which you could have quite a bit more spare cash, and more freedom from addiction – in addition to freedom from lockdown restrictions as well!

Acetium - there's a change in the air

If you want your ‘new normal’ to be free of cigarettes and nicotine addiction, try Acetium. Also, head over to for hints and tips to help you on your way.

Good luck, and we wish you a happy and healthy future!



How to quit

If you’ve tried quitting before, you’ll know how hard it can be. Our research shows that on average UK smokers have tried quitting five times.

Acetium is a completely new way to quit smoking. The nicotine-free lozenge works effectively to help you quit smoking while smoking, enabling you to keep stress levels in check and decrease nicotine addiction step-by-step, gradually reducing the pleasure of the smoking experience so that you stop for good.

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*Customer testimonial, Marko, 25, Finland **Syrjänen, K. et al. Slow-release L-cysteine (Acetium®) lozenge is an effective new method in smoking cessation. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled intervention. Anticancer Res 2017;37:3639-3648

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