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Stoptober 2020 - quit smoking and save the planet too!

Did you know that the cigarette butt is the most common piece of rubbish in the world - even more common than a plastic bag? More worryingly, the butts turn into microplastic that is never lost from the environment - so as well as saving your health, when you quit smoking you are helping to save our planet at the same time!

Acetium helps quit smoking

The littering of our planet, and in particular the seas and waterways, is a huge problem affecting many countries - pictures of oceans clogged up with plastic, and trapped wildlife are sadly all too familiar. However, larger plastic items are in fact not as much of a problem as cigarette butts, and this is partly because there are just so many of them, and partly because they never totally decompose, but over time change into plastic that travels in waterways and can therefore find its way into fish and seafood, and eventually onto our plates. As we are currently in the midst of Stoptober, this is just another reason to consider either stopping or cutting back on smoking.

Cigarette butts are made of a porous cellulose acetate, and when they hit the ground they start to disintegrate into a virtually indestructible microplastic. The filters also contain harmful ingredients that have been dissolved into them during smoking. Nicotine, lead, arsenic, cadmium and several other toxins can thus enter the environment via wind and rainwater. Filters thrown down on the ground can easily find their way into the mouths of unsuspecting wildlife, dogs and even children - no place for the toxins mentioned above! In fact, tobacco and its by-products have caused indigestion, breathing problems and suffocation in some animals.

Quit smoking this Stoptober

Cigarette butts are particularly harmful on beaches and near waterways. For example, in Finland around 70% of the rubbish on beaches was found to be cigarette butts, and in a six month period over 40,000 buts were collected - weighing over 20 pounds! The butts can also pass through rainfall and melting snow into bodies of water, ending up in the mouths of organisms and slowly breaking down into the ecosystem.

What can we do?

The environmental impact of cigarette butts is huge, but fortunately each of us can contribute to the solution with small, everyday actions. If you are a smoker, the most effective way to help is to quit smoking and thus prevent plastic debris from forming. You can actively help solve the litter problem by reducing or quitting smoking this Stoptober!

If you do smoke, remember to put the butts in an ash-tray or in the bin - never drop them in the street or anywhere on the ground.

If you have friends who smoke, remind them to dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully.

Acetium there's a change in the air

Protecting the environment is one more great reason to quit smoking, and when you do so, you are actively participating in keeping our unique and diverse nature clean for future generations.

Acetium lozenges can help you to give up smoking sooner. Their effectiveness is based on a natural amino acid that binds the acetaldehyde contained in the tobacco smoke and released into saliva, changing your perception of smoking and making you less inclined to do it. Acetium is also the only smoking cessation product on the market that doesn't contain addictive and harmful nicotine, so when you use the lozenges regularly, every time you smoke a cigarette, you can also rid yourself of nicotine addiction.

There are so many reasons to try quitting or cutting down smoking this Stoptober. Let Acetium help give you a much better chance of success.

Good luck!



How to quit

If you’ve tried quitting before, you’ll know how hard it can be. Our research shows that on average UK smokers have tried quitting five times.

Acetium is a completely new way to quit smoking. The nicotine-free lozenge works effectively to help you quit smoking while smoking, enabling you to keep stress levels in check and decrease nicotine addiction step-by-step, gradually reducing the pleasure of the smoking experience so that you stop for good.

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