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Stoptober 2020 - your guide to success

We are now well into the month of ‘Stoptober’ and hopefully you will have made a good start and everything is going well with your quitting journey. But even with the strongest willpower in the world, the motivation of joining thousands of likeminded soon to be ex-smokers, and hopefully the support of your nearest and dearest, there can still be wobbly moments when the temptation and cravings can become almost too much. In order to address this, and to compliment the help that regularly using Acetium lozenges as a smoking cessation aid gives you, we have put together the Acetium Quitters Guide, which is freely available to download from our website.

Let Acetium help you quit smoking

It has been estimated that about 60% of current smokers intend to quit, and since the Covid-19 pandemic hit we have seen over a million smokers quitting in the UK alone. However, most people choose to go ‘cold turkey’ and rely on willpower only, when that in fact has been shown to be the least effective method. Of course, motivation and determination are hugely important when you decide to quit smoking, but you can also give yourself the best chance of success by preparing properly and knowing the best way to overcome challenges and stay on track, and the Quitters Guide is full of handy hints and tips to help.

The guide also has a section on understanding your nicotine addiction, as overcoming this is one of the greatest challenges smokers face when they try to quit. It also explains how Acetium’s unique mode of action can help you to not only stop smoking but finally free yourself of your nicotine addiction for good, rather than just replacing the nicotine from cigarettes with nicotine from another source, be it gum, patches or sprays.

Acetium can help combat nicotine addiction

In addition to being hooked on nicotine, there are many other factors that contribute to keeping you addicted to cigarettes. Habits and routines, such as going for a social smoke with friends, enjoying a cigarette with a drink or lighting up as soon as you feel stressed are all hard to un-learn, and because smoking is such a complex addiction involving social, psychological and chemical factors, sadly there is no overnight cure, especially if you have been smoking for years.

However, help is at hand! Acetium has been especially designed to help break the habit of smoking step by step, as it enables you to maintain your normal smoking routine when you initially start the quitting process, which reduces many of the barriers that prevent people stopping, such as cravings, triggers and nicotine withdrawal. It is a slow process – studies have shown that the average time to quit using Acetium is around 100 days – but if you persevere and keep the Quitters Guide at hand, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of banishing cigarettes and your nicotine addiction to history and looking forward to a healthier, smoke-free future!

Quit smoking for a healthier future

We wish you all the very best for a successful Stoptober and beyond, and do remember to download your free Quitters Guide at

Good luck!



How to quit

If you’ve tried quitting before, you’ll know how hard it can be. Our research shows that on average UK smokers have tried quitting five times.

Acetium is a completely new way to quit smoking. The nicotine-free lozenge works effectively to help you quit smoking while smoking, enabling you to keep stress levels in check and decrease nicotine addiction step-by-step, gradually reducing the pleasure of the smoking experience so that you stop for good.

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