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The ultimate playlist for achieving the 'new you'

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Got the January blues? Lacking motivation? Already flagging when it comes to those grand plans you laid with enthusiasm on 1st January? Well, we’ve got the perfect motivational pick-me-up for you.

We examined over a thousand Spotify playlists called New Year New Me, analysing 70,541 tracks to find out which songs, artists and genres everyone else is turning to for help achieving their personal goals in 2020.

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Statistically speaking, you’re likely to have already started faltering on your New Year’s resolutions. A poll by ComRes for Bupa in 2015 found nearly half of Britons (43 percent) lasted less than a month, and 66 percent lasted one month or less. 80 percent of people don’t even make it to the end of March before going back to their old ways. It’s ok, we’re all human. January is a tough month. Christmas is a fading memory; the nights are long, and the days are cold.

Help is at hand! Music is a wonderfully powerful and motivating force, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic system which triggers our ‘Fight or Flight’ response, stimulating us physiologically and mentally. Music has the almost magical ability to enhance physical or mental endurance, drawing our attention away from the negative aspects of something, e.g. staying mentally strong and not reaching for the takeaway menu when we’re trying to lose weight, or picking up a cigarette when we’re trying to quit.

Focusing on a favourite song can help combat the de-motivating brain signals we experience. Much of music’s benefit lies in the way it can elicit emotional reactions and enhance our mood, whether via a foot-tappingly good beat, a beautiful melody, motivating lyrics or simply the positive memories associated with a favourite song.

So, whatever you vowed to do more of, be better at, or simply achieve this year - if you’re feeling daunted and in need of a little help - turn to your favourite music to give your brain and body a motivational boost. Or, check out the ultimate Spotify playlist below to help you stay motivated and achieve the new you!

What makes up a New Year, New You track?

BPM = 119

That’s the same as Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)’

Energy = 59/100

That’s the same as Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’

Danceability = 68/100

That’s the same as Sam Smith’s ‘I’m not the only one’

Positivity = 47/100

That’s the same as Beyonce’s ‘Halo’

Duration = 198 seconds

That’s the same as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Beautiful People’ (feat. Khalid)

Average year = 2019

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