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#QuitWithAcetium - James' Story

The average time to quit smoking with Acetium is 3 to 6 months. Hear the story of how James became smoking and nicotine free in just 4 weeks.


Despite a demanding job - Acetium provided a simple, stress-free way of quitting smoking in just over 2.5 months

Darius Petkevičius is an actor and event presenter who started smoking at the age of 19, influenced by the people he worked with. At 45, he had already tried to quit a couple of times but found that without cigarettes he felt anxious, needed something to fill his free time, and missed the nicotine.

Watch the video to see how a promise he made to his concerned children led to him quitting successfully with Acetium, and a renewed appreciation and joy of life!

Darius Petkevičius


Finally able to quit smoking for good – Acetium provided the help needed

Eija Terävä has previously tried to quit smoking a couple of times, but then started again. With the help of Acetium, she quit gradually, making it easier to get used to life without cigarettes. Now, she has beaten her addiction and is enjoying a smoke-free life with her grandchildren!

“I smoked for about 50 years, having started when I was 15. During pregnancy I always stopped for a while without any aids. Motivation was particularly high then,” says Eija, 69. Eija also tried quitting at the age of 40. It was particularly difficult for her because she was allergic to nicotine patches. However, she did once manage up to 7 years smoke-free. Eija felt that she couldn’t even smoke one cigarette, as if she did she would probably pick up the habit again immediately.

I decided to quit smoking because of surgery

Eija participated in Biohit’s Acetium research a couple of years ago, because she had to undergo surgery. The doctor told her she had to quit smoking before the procedure - merely cutting down would not be enough. The tobacco had to be completely eliminated before surgery.

“I have three children and grandchildren who also motivated me. I never smoked while I was with my grandchildren. Nor did I want to use any nicotine preparations since many people get hooked on them. They made my mouth ache. Nicotine is so unhealthy! Fortunately, I was able to take part in the Acetium study,” says Eija.


Acetium reduced the need to smoke all the time
“This time I stopped smoking with the help of Acetium. I smoked a fair bit each day. I took part in the Acetium study and at first cut down to three cigarettes a day. When the product came on to the market, I quit smoking completely,” says Eija. Using Acetium, there was no longer such a strong desire for tobacco. “I noticed a real craving for a cigarette only three times a day. Then I cut down to two and then quit totally pretty quickly. The whole project only took about a month,” Eija describes.

Addiction disappeared and the feeling of freedom grew
“My weight increased slightly when I quit smoking, but otherwise I felt really good. I suffered badly from colds & flu before, and this has improved dramatically since quitting. But what makes me happiest is the feeling of freedom now the addiction has gone. It’s had a significant impact on my quality of life.” Eija thinks that Acetium lozenge has a neutral
taste and is convenient and easy to use. “Just remember to take it every time you smoke. It’s a really easy way to quit smoking. It actually feels like tobacco doesn’t taste good when you use Acetium. You just forget about smoking, it’s a great product!”

Eija Terävä


The taste changed, and it was easy to cut down on smoking

“About a year ago, I decided to start a healthier life. I began using the Acetium smoking intervention product. As a mum of small children, I wanted to stop smoking”, explains Saila Kaattari. With Acetium, it is important to remember regularity. You should always put a lozenge in your mouth just before lighting a cigarette, so it can gradually start working. Within a few weeks, the enjoyment of tobacco will lessen and the taste will deteriorate.

The lozenge soon became a routine
“At first I didn’t always remember to take Acetium on a regular basis, but over time, using the lozenge became a routine. At first it tasted a bit strange, but I got used to the taste surprisingly fast. I also noticed that the taste of cigarettes changed”, says Saila. After about two weeks of regular Acetium use, Saila started to smoke less. She noticed the same pack of cigarettes lasting days, whereas before she was smoking about 15 cigarettes a day. 

Cutting down on smoking happened quickly
“The feeling of needing to smoke came far less often, and when I had cut back to only 4-5 cigarettes a day, I found the whole thing unnecessary. At first it felt strange not having my usual cigarette breaks. Soon, though, I realized how great it was that I didn’t need to spoil the taste of good food in my mouth with a cigarette after a nice meal, for example.” Saila no longer felt the same enjoyment of smoking. Therefore, cutting down and eventually quitting seemed natural.

“I’ve recommended Acetium to my friends, too. People are often dubious about trying something new, so it’s important to hear other people’s experiences. Acetium also tastes better because it doesn’t contain nicotine. Personally, I don’t like the taste of nicotine and it makes me feel bad.”

Saila Kaattari


Milla Petranen’s nicotine-free life began after 15 years of smoking: Smoking cessation was a success with Acetium

I had been smoking for 15 years and tried to stop many times without success. Now I don’t smoke anymore because, with Acetium®, I managed to firstly cut down on smoking and then stop completely. I felt like I just didn’t need tobacco anymore,” says Milla Petranen from Finland. She didn’t get on with nicotine preparations because she found that the nicotine tasted too strong in them. “At first it was a challenge to remember to take the Acetium lozenge, but after a few days it became second nature. I always kept an Acetium box in my pocket, and automatically reached for it every time I had a cigarette. I used to smoke between 10-15 cigarettes a day,” Milla says. She used the product for about two months, and managed to stop smoking completely. Tobacco was gradually forgotten. “First, I cut out smoking after meals.


I also found that I smoked much less in the mornings and was able to reduce the amount I smoked every week. Occasionally, there were difficult situations, but with the right mindset you will be successful.” Today, Milla sometimes takes a lozenge or chewing gum instead of tobacco. Her sense of smell and sense of taste have both improved, and she no longer gets out of breath so easily, for example when cycling. “I quit smoking once before for about six months, but that was 10 years ago. Quitting this time was much easier than
before - I set myself rules on smoking and it helped me to stop. There’s always a risk that
I will start again, but I remind myself in difficult moments, that I’ve already come so far on the road to a nicotine free life,” Milla says. In addition, she avoids situations where others are smoking, as she finds it easier to stay farther away from smokers. Milla now finds the smell of cigarettes unpleasant and annoying!

Milla Petranen


Healthiest option for smoking cessation?

An awesome product, doesn’t irritate the stomach and tastes pleasant. Definitely the healthiest alternative among smoking intervention products.

Marko, 25 yrs


Tobacco lost its taste completely

I realized rather quickly that tobacco had lost its taste completely….. I’d never have believed it! I’m slowly bidding farewell to tobacco, and Acetium has really helped. My colleagues have shown interest in this product, so I’m definitely going to recommend it to others!

Susanna, 42 yrs


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