Pharmacies and Healthcare stores are great places to help you quit

Stop smoking services can increase the likelihood of quitting successfully and fully.


If you'd like to talk to a health professional about quitting smoking, pharmacies, doctors and support groups can help provide advice and support.


Acetium is available to purchase directly from our website and we have a helpful quitting guide that is free to all.


Wherever you seek advice, we want to help you quit fully and free yourself from the ongoing dependency on nicotine and extinguish the habit for good.

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There has never been a better time to quit smoking than NOW. You have already made the decision that to quit is right for you so this means you're ready.


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Health and fitness

Individuals find it easier to stop
smoking when they have the will, motivation, and energy to do it.  Taking up exercise or trying something new is a good option to help free your mind and release yourself from the shackles of smoking. What's more, you'll find it delivers multiple health benefits too.

Social interaction

Others can help you to quit too. Let people know what you are doing and tell them with confidence so that everyone buys in to the process of helping you quit. Having loved ones, friends and colleagues on board
will help you stay motivated and focussed.


There's a change in the air for those who quit smoking and now is a great time to quit properly and live better. 

When you no longer have the desire to smoke, you are in control of your health and live a healthier lifestyle.  Say goodbye to nicotine dependence with confidence.

The cost of your smoking

Quitting with Acetium

Quit smoking and save with Acetium

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